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Spring replacement

Garage Door Repair Peoria AZ

Garage Doors are large and heavy enough that required garage doors opener (electric motors) to open or some can be open manually. Springs are needed to operate the garage door in order to lessen human or motor exertion. Both extension springs and torsion springs are important in order to operate these large garage doors. Both springs are helpful to balance the weight of the garage door. In garage doors, torsion springs usually twist down. Usually on left side and right side of the spring anchor bracket, left twist springs and right twist springs are mounted respectively. Whereas the lower part of the cable attached with a spring anchor bracket. That is how torsion spring exists! The expected life of torsion springs is 10,000 and it gets break with the time. If you have garage doors opener then soon you have to ready to replace these torsion springs.

Our Spring Replacement Services

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Services

In some cases the garage door spring may snap while the door is up or in motion. This should happen the door will come down rapidly.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

We are your local garage door spring replacement experts! We can come to your home today to replace your garage door spring.

Couple of stretched springs running parallel to each other running over the pulley helps to lift the door called extension springs. If the springs of your garage door are perfect then your garage door will be weightless. If the spring got damage then you need us to replace your garage door spring. Improper extension spring systems or a broken torsion spring can cause the serious injury or death due to falling of garage doors that could not be operate properly. If you will try to replace springs of the garage doors by yourself then it can be dangerous for you. So call us for our technicians that can provide help according to your need.